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Advancing health literacy

Advancing Health Literacy



At this web site, I will post items of interest to those working in health literacy theory, measurement, and practice.

Health literacy is best thought of as a theory of behavior change that can empower individuals to address disparities in health in their own and their family's lives, in their community, in their nation, and around the world.

Health literacy is not only a collection of skills and capacities patients do not have in clinical settings. Health literacy is not a tool to control patient decision-making. Health literacy is not just reading health information and health literacy is not accurately measured with the existing measures of health literacy such as the TOFHLA, REALM, or Newest Vital Sign.

Hopefully, that brief introduction helps make the power of health literacy, and the challenges the field faces, a bit more evident. Please feel free to send your responses to those ideas.

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To visit the web site of the Canyon Ranch Institute, please click here.


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